A really rad dude, kinda pervey likes to grab anybodies boobs and ocasionly ass but only on thursdays
see that guy over there? he is such a chris, he grabed my ass and even on a thursday!!! such a chris.......
by gummi and bunny November 16, 2011
a very very sick yucky man
where is he?

celebrity "Chris"
by Jesus Child October 25, 2011
Someone you can always trust and confide in, very sexual, usually married and has kids, handsome, buff and kick ass, great body guard
Chris is married :(
by Ganstagreelzz August 03, 2011
a boy with a man vagina he wants men's cocks and also has sex with Asian girls. he like spaghetti and is really dumb.
slinky, Chris is a gay boy
by shrekisababe October 28, 2014
Something you call the most annoying person the world has ever seen.
You are such a annoyance. Not even. Your a CHRIS!
by BogusyBogus May 08, 2014
A pain in the ass.
"Hey why didn't you guys invite me to your party last night?
"Dude, because you're a Chris."
by Just A Bystander April 22, 2013
(CONT.) You can talk about anything to a Chris. However, never get into an argument with one because they always think they win, when clearly they're LOSING. Also, make sure you send him lots of videos of cats because he will laugh. And one day he will own a cat but it's gonna be a stupid cat! They seem to think that there is a word that rhymes with orange when there isn't. They don't think they're the awesomest which is just PLAIN WRONG.
NYAN CAT DUBSTEP?! Man, I gotta show chris!
by Italians Rule March 09, 2012

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