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(CONT.) You can talk about anything to a Chris. However, never get into an argument with one because they always think they win, when clearly they're LOSING. Also, make sure you send him lots of videos of cats because he will laugh. And one day he will own a cat but it's gonna be a stupid cat! They seem to think that there is a word that rhymes with orange when there isn't. They don't think they're the awesomest which is just PLAIN WRONG.
NYAN CAT DUBSTEP?! Man, I gotta show chris!
by Italians Rule March 09, 2012
4 6
A guy with an alright personality, but can be a dick at times, not that attractive, quite lanky with a big nose, a nice person.
Girl: I met this guy, he's nice but not attractive and can be a dick.
Friend: Oh so he's a Chris?
by caitsmile November 01, 2012
2 6
Best guy ever :) So lovable and will always make you laugh and smile :) Sexy as H*LL and will kick some A$$ if he has to. My one and only :)
Me: Chris is DA BOMB
Friend: Yeah, I know right!
by LOC0730 October 11, 2011
10 14
A man that is extremely fat and chubby. However he is often a very jolly person to be around. He is either a love or hate person.
That man is a Chris.
by A Big Bonus September 29, 2011
6 11
An amazing guy, Incredibly sweet. Tall, Blonde hair, Blue eyes. funny, and is beast at Rock Band. Closest man to perfection you will ever get. Will make you fall in love once you get to know him. Seems quiet and shy at first glance, But is the exact opposite when you get to know him.
by babygurl222467357isinlove July 12, 2011
9 13
Chris is a complete NARCISSIST... he has an inordinate fascination with himself. He believes that he and his friends are better than anyone and everyone around them. GOLD DIGGER also comes to mind.
I met this guy, he's great and loves himself, but he doesn't like to work.

Was his name Chris?

Surprise! He made me pay for EVERYthing too! What a man!
by iwk4aliving March 31, 2011
10 15
an awkward guy who always wears sunglasses, and flails all over the place. looks ridiculous when playing frisbee in his high socks. he somersaults and leaps for the frisbee and lands of fillipino children named guppy after hopping a fence in his hot turqoise shirt with all his grace. however, he is the funniest person ever and everyone needs to play frisbee with him. ur life will b all the better. YAY CHRIS!! ROCK THOSE SUNGLASSES!!!!
chris jumped to get the frisbee, but accidentally injured a young foreign child.

whoa, what a chris!!!
by fitzyforever July 05, 2010
19 24