To release a fart of any kind in public, whether it is moist and rank, loud and raunchy, or even silent and smelling of cherries.
Josh: Dude did you Chris?

Eliiott: Yes, how could you tell?

Josh: I smelled cherries... and I heard a sonic boom come out of your butt.
by skiggityskot November 03, 2012
The most amazing, beautiful, guy in the world.
He has incredible eyes, a smile that makes you weak in the knees, and a body like woaaaah.

He also is always with this girl who's really ugly and bitchy who is just terrible. She thinks she's all that but in reality she's not.

But he is loved by a girl who is willing to accept his flaws, and is willing to wait for him to ditch the other girl, so ladies, stay away from this one! XD
He's such a Chris, he can't stick with one girl for long... I hope I'm next!

Why can't there be more Chris's in the world?
by lonelymusicalhippiesoulchild June 25, 2010
The most awesome guy that is on the earth. He has great looks he just doesn't relize it. He is an awesome lacrosse player. He may not be smart in school but he has a kind heart and You will always have fun with him no matter what. He can make you laugh when your sad. He is amazing.

P.S. I love you Chris
Friend: Guess what? I finally kissed Brad!

Me: Yay!! I talked to Chris for 4 hours last night!

Friend: LUCKY!!! I am SO jealous!!!
by Emmerz or Emmie or Em May 31, 2010
A person who is big and a bowling GOD.
I met this guy early he was chris.
by some awsome kid you dont know September 03, 2008
Huge dumb ass who is full of himself, has lots of anger issues, enjoys pissing people off and pushes buttons for the sake of his own fun
Your such a chris, a what?, a fucking asshole
by bleh551 December 21, 2014
A man who will do anything to get a pair, if not multiple pairs, of testicles in his mouth.
Chris really loves waking up with a pair of balls in his mouth.
by charchar88 August 20, 2014
A cool guy who knows how to make people laugh. A Chris is good at almost everything.

A Chris is simply the closest to perfection one can get.
Man, I wish I was more like Chris.
by random0027 May 09, 2014
The name that belongs to one of the most amazing people alive. Usually a hot guy but doesn`t really get complimented for his astounding looks. A very funny guy who every girl LOVES! He usually will like a girl but doesn`t tell anyone, not even his close friends, meaning he is can be REALLY shy at times.
"You see Chris over there, I kinda like him."

Girl1- "You see that guy over there?"
Girl2- "Yea."
Girl1- "Isn`t he kinda cute?"
Girl2- "OMG IKR!!"
by bladabladabloopbloop February 10, 2014

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