To release a fart of any kind in public, whether it is moist and rank, loud and raunchy, or even silent and smelling of cherries.
Josh: Dude did you Chris?

Eliiott: Yes, how could you tell?

Josh: I smelled cherries... and I heard a sonic boom come out of your butt.
by skiggityskot November 03, 2012
1. (adj.) to masturbate excessively until one's penis falls off

2. (n.) the feeling of pain one gets after rubbing his penis too much

3. (adj.) to repeatedly ask for sexual favors esp. through text

4. (n.) an idiot, specifically of the nub or nubling family
1. "yo im so horny, im gonna chris so much tonight"

2. chris: i feel so chris
amanda: its from too much masturbating

3. "man im gonna just keep chrissing Amanda tonight until she comes over and sucks my dick"

4. mom: he put his christmas lights out in october
amanda: what a nub
mom: no, what a chris
by rxkxdxx December 10, 2009
The most inconciderate person i have ever met. AND has the smallest penis I have ever seen.
Dude look at that chris total douche!
by lovepink10 September 23, 2010
Someone named chris can usually only dates indians and is often South American or/and European. Often got mexican blood in them and don't like math.
Did u see that guy with the indian girl he must be named chris
by RPG-7 May 01, 2010
Yo Kevin! What's goin on Chris?
by Chris Berman's Wife December 04, 2009
dumb as hell. dont ever associate with a "chris." hes the lamest person on the fucking planet.
"hehehehe yaaayyy!"

"wow youre such a chris."
by boopboop1234 April 11, 2010
A very faggy, annoying piece of shit that just annoys the hell out of you, stalks you to NO END, talks of nothing but his video games (namely Fallout 3, Team Fortress 2, and games about zombies) and

He has not showered in near 20 years (and he is only 15 years old), his hair grows into an afro that expands to the sides of his head, which has also been known to store things, such as boogers, money, and slaves.

His voice is that of a small rodent that has been pummeled in the gonads repeated times. If you are near him when he screams or laughs, you will be drawn into a dimensional rift that was ripped into the air from the frequency of his voice.

If you are one of the unlucky bastards to accidentally befriend him, you will receive numerous phone calls asking you to come over or asking himself over. These calls will usually take place between 2-5 minutes of each other if ignored.

He is insanely immature, and will smack you like a bitch for beating him in a video game or something else of the sort. He butts in to conversations that he should have no part in.

He also likes penis.
You're walking with a friend, and you tell a funny joke. Chris is behind you and starts laughing insanely and tries to make lame jokes stemming from yours.

Guy 1: Hey dude whats up?

Guy 2: Nothin much... just got this game fallout 3 though. It's fun so far.

Guy 1: Yeah one time i was bored on it so i murdered everyone in the town because i could.

Guy 2: *starts to laugh but is interrupted*

Chris: *Screeches like a banshee so loud everyone around you starts bleeding out of their ears.*

Guy 1 and 2: Fuck how did Chris find us... Does he have some kind of thermal vision that is able to scope us out amoung the crowd??

Chris: HeY gUyS oNe TiMe I kIlLeD eVeRyOnE iN mEgAtOn *screech laughter imploding the brains of everyone over 13*

Guy 1: Fuck i just said that dude get the fuck away from us

Chris: *Doesn't understand that Guy 1 and 2 hate him and continues to stalk them until the end of time*
by iTz X Legit Chronic Azn Snipes August 27, 2010
When somebody shits their pants in a public location. Often times it is for money but in some cases the subject does the deed for pure enjoyment.
"Yo guys, I just heard someone Chris'd at the MacDonalds down the street!"
by MacDonald's Employee February 01, 2010

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