To release a fart of any kind in public, whether it is moist and rank, loud and raunchy, or even silent and smelling of cherries.
Josh: Dude did you Chris?

Eliiott: Yes, how could you tell?

Josh: I smelled cherries... and I heard a sonic boom come out of your butt.
by skiggityskot November 03, 2012
Guy ( HOPEFULLY ). Plays sports , and won't hit girls. Hates Pervs and always mistaken for gay ( means happy :D) always thretened and picked on. Won't hit girls cuz he says that he is being a genlteman but some say he is being a gentlewoman. Mostly quiet and everybody says he is EMO.

" Hey is that guy over there gay "

" Oh him!? Thats Chris. Every one thinks that but nodody knows for sure "
by ShayKates March 30, 2010
known for having a huge mustache on his face.
He should shave his chris.

His Chris is looking bushy.
by C.J. Malczyk March 01, 2010
the biggest dick in the world. He often tries to blame others for his problems, and complain about his weight. A very emotional boy who tends to act like a chick, and has a tendency to cry during moving moments, or even unmoving moments. Sometimes opens his mouth to stick out his tounge in a very disturbing and unattractive fashion.
Oh my god becky he was on the phone with me crying for like eight hours when i broke up with him, he was acting like such a chris.
by saramarshell August 16, 2010
a very weird and tall individual
naomi: hey i know what your name is
unknown: what?
Naomi: Chris!!
Chris: how did you know?
Naomi: your weird and tall, duh.
by yakkk68 May 01, 2010
Stuipid,Arrogant small cocked boy. Should stop playing runescape or "WoW" because hes a fucking faggot ass bitch. Injects big penis,and anal destroys himself with metal poles. thinks everyone is gay. when in reality hes gay. FUCKING NERD
Damn that guy chris,sucks dick
by FUCK YAH ;D August 06, 2011
A man who likes to party and that is very butt hurt to many people. he likes to play black ops and wonders why he is doing badly in school and is suppose to be working on a project but is on this website doing nothing that is helping the project
you are just like chris
by theblackman21 May 11, 2011
A Jammy Bastard.
Chris is such a jammy bastard
by Jimmy the hick March 14, 2008

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