To release a fart of any kind in public, whether it is moist and rank, loud and raunchy, or even silent and smelling of cherries.
Josh: Dude did you Chris?

Eliiott: Yes, how could you tell?

Josh: I smelled cherries... and I heard a sonic boom come out of your butt.
#fart #cris #butt blast #pierre #phart
by skiggityskot November 03, 2012
A smelly old man who sings Taylor Swift songs in alphabetical order while watching the Wild Thorn Berrys.
Typical, Chris is sitting home again.
#ass #bored #taylor swift #shit #bad
by BOOPLOOP April 27, 2011
The most incredible boy you will ever meet. He's charming, witty, intelligent, funny and has the most beautiful eyes in the entire world. He's attractive and you will find him unbeatably irresistible!
Person 1: OMG! I'm totally under his spell!
Person 2: Yeah, everything about Chris is so sexy.
#sexy #attractive #beautiful #irresistible #eyes
by gorgeous_glamour January 02, 2011
Causing all your friends, beyond all doubt, to believe with utmost certainty that the words you are speaking are 100% true and factual. Usually used in relation to killing the mood for jokes.
Me: I need a car bj.
Chris: I've had a lot of friends die in car crashes, and that was one of them.
Me: Huh, way to kill my hopes.
Chris: I think its funny you people still believe me.
Me: God damnit he pulled a Chris.
#chris #lie #con #jackass #not funny
by Darth_Renatus February 10, 2012
Fluffy. (Childish, Pure)
Chris is just so Fluffy. I wish more of my friends were like Chris.
#childish #pure #adolescent #kid #silly
by Brison;) December 30, 2011
A guy with a below average dick, but it's ok because he has an above average anus that is often plugged by his butt buddy Dillon....
Oh man that guy chris has a small dick but damn he is getting slammed in the anus!
#anus #dick #small #dillon #cunt #chris #plugged butt
by Dr.Raab October 05, 2011
A term given to gay guys, who have small cocks high voices and LOVE it up the ass. Thinks he's strait but everyone knows he's gay. He is a try hard but 100% of the time he fails. No pubes, walks talks and acts like a girl. Pussies out at everything.
Guy 1: did you see that guy last night who was grinding on me? Who the fuck was that?
Guy 2: oh shit man that has to be chris.

Guy 1: dude your pulling a chris right now
Guy 2: shit dude fucking take it back.
#chris #gay #guy #highvoice #pussy
by random chicks June 04, 2011
an awkward guy who always wears sunglasses, and flails all over the place. looks ridiculous when playing frisbee in his high socks. he somersaults and leaps for the frisbee and lands of fillipino children named guppy after hopping a fence in his hot turqoise shirt with all his grace. however, he is the funniest person ever and everyone needs to play frisbee with him. ur life will b all the better. YAY CHRIS!! ROCK THOSE SUNGLASSES!!!!
chris jumped to get the frisbee, but accidentally injured a young foreign child.

whoa, what a chris!!!
#frisbee #sunglasses #awkward #guppy #weird #high socks
by fitzyforever July 05, 2010
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