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Chris has the nicest and most flirtatious personality. Sometimes, though, there will be a two-faced Chris. That kind you want to look out for- very funny, probably trying to make up for something(like ugly looks, bad grades, family problems, etc). They will be one person while talking to him on the phone then he is in person. He might be sensitive at one moment, then a total douche. He might even be perverted, so watch out all girls!
Most of the time though, you have nothing to worry about. He can be the nicest, funniest, coolest guys you ever meet. He could be sexy but yet still a gentleman. Hope you find the right type of Chris!
chick 1: Hey girl, I just met Chris last night!
chick 2: Nice! Wait, what kind of Chris?
chick 1: I don't know yet, I hope he's a cool dude.
chick 2: I would watch out if I were you...
chick 1: Yeah, I'm sure he's not that bad of a guy

chick 1: Hey! I just met Chris last night!
chick 2: Nice! The good kind or the bad kind?
chick 1: The nice kind of course! he was freaking hot!
by tiedye12345 April 01, 2012
1 3
A kid who is always up to party and have a good time
Dude, I don't wanna go to that party unless Chris comes.
by 123cjm January 01, 2008
15074 6476
is a slang for huge cock

like incredibly huge.
oh man I wish I had a chris in me.
by gypsy.gypsy June 25, 2008
15197 8398
The man of my dreams, a man who is always happy never stops smiling, makes me feel as if I could fly, a man to spend the rest of my life with.
Have you met my chris he's the man of my dreams!
by hermionie June 14, 2005
10343 6416
The sweetest, most amazing guy to ever walk the face of the earth. The only guy to know just how to make me smile, even more, the only guy who will take the time to try.

He always puts himself last, even when he knows he should worry about himself. He is selfless, and never selfish.

He is quite possibly the closest to perfection one can get.
Chris, you amaze me.
by iuydtrfxgcghuoi. August 31, 2008
8555 4921
The fucking shit, the most awesome person to ever live. He can kick your ass at anything and everything. Chris is a god among men.
Dude, Chris totally kicked your ass!
by The Chris Man 75657 August 27, 2008
6894 4262
hott piece of ass that all the girls want to get at. his cock is huge and even if the ladies dont know it they will soon enough.
Holy shit man i wish i was like Chris!
by pussypounder August 30, 2008
3728 2709
One who kills the people who add gay ass definitions of Chris. He is also a damn good shot with a Desert Eagle
"Dude did You see that guys face?"
"Oh Him, I heard a Chris Got to him"
"Chris is one evil Guy!"
by 2face July 25, 2008
3742 2798