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Chris Stoney is the youngest member of Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe. He was born in late 1989 where he was a baby for some time afterwards. In early 1996, he played for the San Fransico 49ers, where he was quickly cut for deficating in Steve Young's helmet. Depressed from his loss, he joined a local gang. In this gang, he met Don Lando. Living in an abandon war bunker, Don Lando took in Stoney and let him borrow his little sister's drum set. Stoney was instantly a drumming God. Stoney is now drummer in Cool Band featuring Rob Lowe and has even written some of the lyrics to a few songs. He is now enlisting in the army, hoping to get stationed in Vietnam.
Chris Stoney needs no example.
by Risto1116 July 06, 2006
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