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When someone has been beaten up, punched, slapped, or assaultin any way. Or, when threatening to punch, strike, slap, kick, etc. someone. The actual action of beating someone, or threatening to do so.

Can be used in the past tense as well, adding an -ed to brown, "chris brown-ed"
Bonnie, if you dont give me my keys back, I'm gonna Chris Brown you.

David is in the hospital, he got chris brown-ed hard after talking trash all night.
by nelsonator88 March 01, 2009
To physically beat up on a woman.
Don't make me chris brown yo ass!
by boopybaby March 01, 2009
An intentional act of domestic violence upon a guys girlfriend. named after the r&b singer after he beat his girlfriend rihanna.
omg my bf hit me hard on the head. he totally pulled a chris brown!
by girlfriendudontknowmeh March 17, 2009
To beat the crap out of someone for no apparent reason. To bite ears, hands and punch your girlfriend, then attempt to choke her out by method of headlock.
Girl, you'r pissing me off, don't make me go Chris Brown on your ass!
by MZ Jade March 16, 2009
to beat the hell out of a female usually knocking her out
Darrell: Did your girl just slap you?

JP: I think she did. I;m about to Chris Brown her ass.
by JP225 March 08, 2009
To black eye for no apparent reson.
Don't make me Chris Brown your ass.

Whoa man you got it, that's going to far.
by I'm chinese March 04, 2009
1. (v) A one sided fight; unnecessary brutality.

2. (v) To disproportionately retaliate against something smaller than you.

3. (v) To beat the hell out of.
"He just Chris Brown'ed your face, dude."
by *karen March 02, 2009