To beat up somebody or to slap them around like Chris Brown did.
You just got Chris Browned, I'm gonna Chris Brown you, "Wow you see his face?" "It looks like he got Chris Browned"
by T-Harp March 25, 2009
A phrase used to show how someone will beat someone else up, in a very abusive manner.
(How Chris Brown abused Rihanna)
'Imma Chris Brown you man.'
by WOWi'mcool;) March 18, 2009
v. beating up someone, perferabbly a female, for no to some reason.

n. a wife beater

adj. to be a wife beater
Guy # 1: DAMN! What did you do to your wifey?

Guy #2: I went Chris Brown on her ass.

#1: Uh, why?

#2: Idk. Just felt like it.


#1: HEY BITCH! *beats up wifey* YES!!!! IM FINALLY A CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!!
by kizziebabyxoxo July 18, 2009
Replacement term for "wife beater," referring to a ribbed, form-fitting tank top (often seen on men). Derived from the numerous stories in the press -whether true or not - of the popular r&b / hip hop singer beating his fairly recent wife and singer, Rihanna.
Andrew: I'm wearing a wife beater under my shirt.
Alyssa: Oh, you're wearing a Chris Brown?
Andrew: What?
Alyssa: A Chris Brown, you know, the guy who allegedly beat his wife, Rihanna?
Andrew: Oh, I get it. Yea, I always wear Chris Browns under my t-shirts and around the house.
by lyssaloo April 25, 2009
chris brown :a former musician now in jail but after a few years a drug addict and a bouncer
adj: a man who beats up west Indian women esp singers ages 19 to 20
man in a telephone from Jamaica: hello 911 im calling coz a 60 yr old man is chis browning a cute woman
911: oh! thats just chris brown ill allow it its his past time!!!!!

hey i saw chris brown at that bar he is such a sadomasochistic man hes BDSMing girls wihile hawing his cock sucked
by ramesses April 06, 2009
An intentional act of domestic violence upon a guys girlfriend. named after the r&b singer after he beat his girlfriend rihanna.
omg my bf hit me hard on the head. he totally pulled a chris brown!
by girlfriendudontknowmeh March 17, 2009
To beat the crap out of someone for no apparent reason. To bite ears, hands and punch your girlfriend, then attempt to choke her out by method of headlock.
Girl, you'r pissing me off, don't make me go Chris Brown on your ass!
by MZ Jade March 16, 2009

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