(verb); an action in which a man beats the nappiness out of a bitch while performing another task (ie. beating the shit out of Rhianna while driving). The person who implements this action usually tries to justify it by blaming it on witnessing past domestic violence within the family. Chris Browning most commonly occurs in urban areas and trailer parks, but is not limited to these areas.
1) My friend Tyrese Chris Browned his girlfriend Sheneneh while drinking a Colt 45 because she didn't fry the chicken right.

2) John Deere Chris Browned his sister Desiree while driving his tractor because she hoed around with his cousins.
by The Hoovester March 06, 2009
to beat, choke, or bite a woman..
"If that hoe ain't acting right, chris brown that trick!"
by runner842 April 14, 2009
To beat or abuse someone, esp a girlfriend.
If my girl leaves me, Im gonna Chris Brown her ass!
by Venerable_henchman February 17, 2009
A form fitting white ribbed sleeveless tank top, often worn by men while working out, lifting weights, or in other instances deemed appropriate for showing off their guns.
John wore a Chris Brown to the gym, hoping that the ladies would notice his muscular arms.
by alternativedrink September 13, 2009
To go from being the "Prince of Pop" and being adored by millions to beating up your ex-girlfriend and being hated by equally as many to failing in several interviews and making things worse to recording a fake-ass apology on YouTube to complaining about incompetent radio stations and begging for fans' support to crying while performing a BET Michael Jackson tribute sixteen months after the whole process began....
Chris Brown, after going through a Chris Brown, doesn't seem to have an end in sight.....
by Hamzawesome June 28, 2010
Beating the hell out of someone
"He made me so mad that I Chris Browned his ass"
by Big Pete house of munch March 22, 2009
(verb) to beat someone
I'm gonna chris brown you.
by strowbs March 09, 2009

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