a R&B singer who is now 21. he started his career when he was about 15-16 yrs old. his first single was Run It. He is very talented and can dance his but off!! battle him and prepared to get shut down!! his voice is amazing and so is his face!! Chris Brown is super sexy!! great smile, great body, even better voice!! is a sweetheart.....he has 3 cds
1) debut album- chris brown
2)chris brown- eXclusive

3) chris brown- Graffiti
has some mixtapes out (in my zone and fan of a fan with tyga) probably some more out there!! GO LISTEN TO THEM ESPICALLY FAN OF A FAN YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! Chris is just pretty much freakn awsome and yeah I love him forever and ever!!! I could go on all day about how good he looks and how amazing he is!! #TEAMBREEZY BAYBE!!!!
I'm Not Looking For Love, Cause She's Gone
So Tell All The Girls That The Bottles On Us
Get Your Drink On
I Just Wanna Have A Good Time And Keep You Off My Mind
Find A Lil Shawty I Like
Girl When I'm Up In The Club, Really Turnt Up
I Ain't Goin Think About You (Na Na Na Na)
(Aye Aye Aye) Ain't Thinking About You Tonight - ~CHRIS BROWN~
by nana muffin July 30, 2010
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A way to put your woman in check.
My girlfriend was being a bitch, so I told her if she didn't stop it i would Chris Brown her ass.
by TopDeviL February 13, 2009
To hit a woman.
Baby, can you please be quiet before i Chris Brown you.
by BLZN.PJ February 11, 2009
A young R&B singer from Tappahannock, Virginia popular for the chart topping hit Run It
Chorus from a Chris Brown song: Is ya man on the flo?
If he ain't...
Let me know
Let me see if you can run it, run it
girl indeed I can run it, run it
by Sweet Lies<3 January 01, 2006
the act of beating someones ass. Obviously referring to Chris Brown biting Rhianna's nips off, or whatever. allegedly.
I'm about to Chris Brown that hoe if she don't call me back.
by too soon? February 13, 2009
a man beating a woman
SHUT UP, before i chris brown you girl!
by Kota Bus February 14, 2009
to beat the shit out of someone
dont make me go Chris Brown on you!
by LauraWilde February 10, 2009
The act of physically beating up someone.
I'm gonna go chris brown on yo ass.
by tarheels50 March 03, 2009

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