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Choyse origionated off the streets in a little town known as Tracy, California. It was used in a Taqueria in place of "choice of meats." Instead they put "Choyse of meets."

Choyse now refers to being in the perfect state of mind, i.e. being high,drunk,thizzing, or any time you feel good.

Choyse also can refer to a really hot breezy.
"Dude im so choyse right now!"

"Damn did you see that milf? Choyse..."

by SweatThis November 25, 2005
A man that is very sexually active and very very attractive. With a unusually large penis.
girl 1 Woah that man is a choyse!
girl 2 Yeah his penis is so large!
by Yound wease October 20, 2010
Someone with a large penis, or amazing during sexual intercourse
by Iamspaghetticat October 18, 2010