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Choxie is designer candy that you buy at Target. It has colorful packaging and only fruity people eat it. It is advertised as chocolate with moxie and tastes horrible.
Eww did you see that girl eating Choxie?
Yeah man, thats some nasty shit right therrr.
by Julia B. December 03, 2005
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choxie is not chocolate with moxie (the nasty soda) ... it's chocolate with sass and attitude, a premium chocolate sold at target. and it's good. best chocolate for a chain store.
Mmmm, this chocolate is so good, it's Target's Choxie brand, and it rocks!
by scottypie December 14, 2005
"there's chocolate. and then there's choxie." Contains partially-hydrogenated vegetable oil, fake vanilla flavor, and a nasty after taste. Definately not "intended for the most sophisticated of chocolate palates."
If you like a sugary grease slick in the back of your throat, you'll like Choxie.

If you like chocolate, try something else.
by lkMD August 19, 2006

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