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Originally a military strategy, the Chowder Cow is a sexual act in which two sweaty obese men super-glued in the 69 position are thrown from a helicopter into a tornado while experiencing simultaneous projectile diarrhea and fellating one another. Each man's left thumb is deeply inserted into the other's anus, resulting in two powerful cone-shaped fountains of liquid feces spraying in opposite directions as the spiraling, wet mound of rippling fat and human excrement violently plummet towards earth, ending in a massive eruption of flesh, bones, organs, and various bodily fluids vaguely resembling a mixture of clam chowder and ground beef. If both men experience an Alaskan Firedragon at the exact moment they come in contact with the ground, it is known as a Chowder Dragon.
Me: "It appears as if a Chowder Cow is headed in our direction."

Friend: "Shit."
by myno January 22, 2013
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