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'Chotu' is the common Indian Chaiwallah.

His intrinsic chai providing characterstick is what makes him Chotu no matter what his real name or age is.
Ai Chotu, chal do chai le ke aa, malai maar ke !
by Shadystotle August 11, 2009
42 21
a term of endearment for someone you care for. meaning, "little one" or "child" or "baby"
you're the cutest thing i've known, chotu.
by wordstobe September 19, 2010
29 13
(n) the space halfway between your balls and your ass
My chotus reeked like a dad rat.
by Daddy P January 10, 2008
37 30
A chotu is Shayan Nizami, because I call him that.
Chotu kitna cute hai.
by Sarah March 29, 2005
18 47