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The act of GIVING IT TO (sexual relations) a woman with much gusto and in a sense not having sex, but BECOMING sex, where passion outweighs logic. ---It is generally meant to be a term of amorous quality as it applies to banging a hot chick, but could extend to a generic term before someone gets freaky/naughty even if/when between two gays, or a straight male experimenting with Taboo Wonders (i.e. "Shemales"). The key element is that one must be the owner of a genetic cock, and does not apply to Lesbians with strap on dildos.
Tom: "DAMN! Svetlana sure is hot."

Chris: "She sure is. I'd toss her salad and give her the Chorizo Thundercrack. PROPER!"
by Mercenary X99 November 15, 2011
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