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An opportunity for one to sell some drugs.
Tyrone: Yo man, look at that those two black guys coming down the street.
G: Yeah yo thats a chopportunity if I've ever seen one.
Tyrone: I bet i could chop all these rocks to those fools!
by juz098 June 20, 2010
An opportunity currently disguised as a challenge.
How are we going to grow our business with so many challenges? Those aren't challenges. Each one is a chopportunity!
by Ricksorce May 27, 2016
An opportunity arises where you can have sex with a girl regardless of her looks. An alright looking girl that many guys would not sleep with but doing her would be all good, and would earn you a certain amount of respect. Having sex also known as chopping a girl.
Bro, look at her, she's looking aright these days. Son, that right there is a chopportunity.
by Crunchy Black 57 September 30, 2011
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