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A large, black male with gold jewels decides he wants a helicopter in his car. Depending on the size of his vehicle and the size of his helicopter, he then goes about placing the helicopter inside the vehicle. This process can be very dangerous. Many large black males have died as a result of incorrectly putting the helicopter inside of the vehicle. Once the helicopter is inside, do not attempt to start the helicopter. The purpose of the helicopter inside the car remains unknown, but many believe it is a status symbol among large black males. It also gives you permission to yell "I GOT A CHOPPA IN MY CAR!", at passing civilians. Some helicopters in cars can be used for alternate transportation if properly installed.
large black male: I GOT A CHOPPA IN THE CAR!!!

regular white male: why is there a helicopter in your car?

large black male: I GOT A CHOPPA IN THE CAR!!!
by IRniggest September 12, 2011
"Choppa" is the gang name for an AK-47.
"I'm not a star, somebody lied. I got a choppa in the car" -Rick Ross, Lil Wayne
by Nicckuhs September 21, 2011
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