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Frederic Chopin, composer and performer of Romantic music (though he refused to be affiliated with the Romantic period), born 1810, died 1849. Composed exclusively for the piano, with a few pieces that had other instruments as accompaniment, or songs with piano accompaniment. His works are regarded by many as the epitome of Romantic piano compositions.
That Chopin Prelude was so beautiful that I bawled like a baby.
by BLARG man March 02, 2005
A Polish vodka made from potatoes instead of grain. It is expensive as hell but well worth trying if you have the scratch. Chopin is named after Polish composer Frederic Chopin.
Mary was upset with Johnny because he drank over half her bottle of Chopin and threw it up on her Persian rug.
by greatboozeup January 28, 2009
To make an attempt at a succesful sexual encounter. One can give a non-verbal "Chop in son!" signal to a friend behind the targets back by hitting the edge of ones hand against ones forearm in a chopping motion. Mainly used as a means of encouragement to a mate without letting the object of their affections know of your friends intentions.
David was chatting up this chick last night, as he was leaving with her I gave him a chop in sign. He just nodded at me and left smiling.
by Dundasbro March 20, 2007
Anything and everything, Chopin can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, adnoun, etc. JFC (Johnny Frederick Chopin AKA Johnny Fuckin Chops) is Poland's favorite son.
You are chopin ridiculous..
by Johnny Fuckin Chops March 08, 2011
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