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chonin or chon is a word that can be used in place of another word. This can be Quite usefull whenn you cant think of the word your trying to say.
What the chonin? Hand me that chon.
by wesley1787 February 12, 2009
Chillin in your chonies
Last I was chonin while eating pizza and watching Netflix
by swagmaster21 February 14, 2015
an asian man who rules over the land of conin and its people.2 can aslo be used in place of any word.
"what the chonin!"or "Hand me that chonin."
by Wesley17 February 12, 2009
chonin: referencing the fact that you have a hi on, or you are about to burn, or you're burning, etc
we are chonin", "im so choned...", "choned off my ass" "Hey I got a spare, so I'm chonin" "Fuck work, I'm gonna chon"
by adamsanasshole June 12, 2010
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