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1. A gigantic black Dravidian Penis, six times the size of the average Aryan Penis. As "Cho" or "Chho" means `six' in various Prakrits (eg. Guzarati, Oriya & Bengali) & "Lingam" is the Dravidian word for `Penis', "Cho-ka-Lingam" means "Having 6 Penises" or "Having a Penis 6 Times Normal Size". As humans don't have 6 penises, it follows that the reference here is to size (ie. volume or weight), & not to number or length.

Now, using the formula for the volume v of a cylinder, one obtains the equation:
v(Chokka-Lingam) = 6*v(Arya-Lingam), ie.
(pi*r_C^2)*l_C = 6*{pi*r_A^2*l_A},
where r_C, l_C & r_A, l_A denote the radius & length of the Chokka-Lingam & the Arya-Lingam respectively.

So a Dravidian Penis that is 73% thicker than the width of an Aryan organ, & twice its length would qualify as a
"Chokka-Lingam". Since the Prakrit & Sanskrit sexologists found the Aryan Penis to average 6 inches (8
angulis or fingerwidths), this corresponds to a length of 12 inches. This is one third larger than the Shudra
Penis, said to average 9 in. (Ananga-Ranga 3.1) & such specimens are well-recorded.

2. A Dravidian name, nick-name & surname, assigned to well-endowed men. In general, Dravidian names are brutally honest about the bearer's penis. Given the requirement of the Aryan Penis to contract & avoid frost-bite in the cold Northern winters, the massive Chokka-Lingam - both name & member - is almost exclusively found South of Marathwada.
1. Q: What do you call a Dravidian man with a penis six times normal size ?
A: Cho-ka-Lingam!
2. Q: What do Aryan women call a Dravidian man living in the North ?
A: Chokka-Lingam, six times the size they are used to!
Q: What do Dravidian women call an Aryan man living in the South ?
A: Ardha-Lingam, half the size they are used to!
3. Sheikh Chilli & his beautiful Bibi (wife) are enjoying mutton biryani in a restaurant. Suddenly a massively
built Shudra Goonda named Kalloo approaches them.
Kalloo: My name is Chokka-Lingam. What is yours ?
Chilli: Sheikh Chilli is my name!
Kalloo: You know what my name means ?
Chilli (embarassed): No ...
Kalloo (pulls out Malabar Black Snake): Six Times normal size!
Sheikha (impressed): Why don't you invite your new dost (friend) over for dinner tonight ?
Chilli: Looks like you will be good friends with my Bibi!
4. When the Anglo-Indian women heard the name "Chokka-Lingam", they thought it meant "Chocolate Penis". When they came to know its real meaning, it was "Good-Bye, Memsahib!" for the British boys.
5. Chota Mian: Where you going on holiday ?
Burra Mian: To Chokka-Lingam in Tamil Nadu!
Chota Mian: Don't take your womenfolk there! You know Chokka-Lingam means the men have cocks six times normal size!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 18, 2010
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