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An ironic term used to convey one's desperation for a cigarette, but has since became a general term to convey ones desperation for just about anything.
Here mate, d'you want to tap us a fag, am pure chokin' man

Been stayin' in this shit-hole for weeks like a recluse... Chokin' for a decent night out like

Look how short that skirt is mate, She's well Chokin' for it
by Bazmundo Criteria March 16, 2011
After snorting or smoking coke or crack the drips in the back of your throught can make your throat feel swollen and you start chokin.
Rolling down the highway smoking coke on foilies and I started chokin, couldn't breath, got a nigger exhausted.
by Jeffery [hugs] October 10, 2008
plethora; abundant; a lot!
Man, there was CHOKIN people there! The place was packed!
by RooK-E-Z September 27, 2007
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