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The chokies are a university from Blacksburg, Virginia. In every sport not just football they choke. When the chokies need to win a game, whether its a playoff or its a bowl game they choke.
Wisconsin in basketball lost in the last 10 sec. Chokies lost 72-74
Last year in football against Boston College, Chokies lost 10-14
2006 Chick Fla Peach Bowl Chokies lost 24-31
2005 ACC championship game against FSU
Chokies lost 22-27
2004, against NC STATE in football
chokies lost 16-17
These are just some examples, they are many many more
by John Francis Berry December 13, 2008
A football team from Southwest Va. that year in and year out, inevitably will have a great season, and then shit the bed in their bowl game.
The chokies blew it again in January cause they cant focus.
by Fallout Walt January 20, 2008