Completely failing to succeed. Building up a season full of hype and shitting the bed unmercifully.
Washington Capitals: May 13, 2009 displayed the epitome of a choke artist in it's purest form.
by j. feldy May 13, 2009
Top Definition
To fail to perform effectively because of nervous agitation or tension so regularly and such a grand scale that one becomes synonymous with the word failure, usually in an athletic contest.
Usually used to describe a very talented person who fails under pressure.

Alex Rodriguez is a choke artist in clutch situations.
by NYNYNYNYNY March 03, 2007
1.A player that succeeds in playing so fantastically bad that it is considered a form of art.

2.Someone who is incapable of competing effectively when the situation calls for it.

3.A player who makes a career of faltering in the clutch situation.
Tony Romo is the complete choke artist. He has great stats during the regular season, but then he just chokes so hard in the playoffs.
Also see; Donovan Mcnabb, Kobe Bryant(without Shaq), Alex Rodriguez, Terrell Owens, and the Buffalo Bills of the early 90's
by Scoobysnacks28 January 24, 2009
A team that can't win in the clutch.
The Houston Astros choke every season whether it be in the playoffs or late in the regular season. What a dissapointing and frustrating team to watch.
Boston Redsox
The Boston Redsox have to be the biggest choke artist in the 21 century after their performance against the Yankees
by daveoooooo April 21, 2012
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