- What happens to the Washington Capitals everytime they make the playoffs.
I can't believe the Washington Capitals choked again, it happens every year!
by forever a leafs fan July 09, 2011
In act in which a team or a certain player don't play as good as they should and let you down.
Choke: Peyton Manning in the playoffs against the jets!!
by coltsletmedown! January 08, 2011
Sports term:
head butting a soccer ball
"she choked that one"
by noixz January 14, 2009
1) Fran choked on that test; every time I looked over she was sitting there chewing on her eraser. She couldn't have done well.

2) Donald choked Ricky to death after finding out that Ricky had informed the police of Donald's illegal imports.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
start to fail, miss shots, opportunity usually under pressure or in clutch situations. It's pretty much like suffocation in context to when someone slowly starts losing breath, instead they start losing skill sets which make them whom they are (usually a superstar, an MVP, or VIP) to which they had or which gave them the lead or put then in the position to take the lead make way for a game winning situation and game win
"He totally choked"
by InDRiKate June 19, 2015
excellent, high quality or highly desirable...when referring to anything from contraband to rare native plant species to skilled surfers and windsurfers

I hear it used more often on Hawaiian Islands
He shreds. He plays choke licks and riffs. or (holding a blunt) This is choke!
by Dirtt February 20, 2006
The act of coming up short of the set goal.
ex: The Philadelphia Eagles(see also cocksuckers)
'01-'05 Philthydelphia Eagles
by joe January 21, 2005
Coming so close to the realization of a goal and then falling short; to labor and toil for months and then crater under pressure when it matters most.
The Calgary Flames...
by Seven Guy June 09, 2004
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