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Chodians (sometimes referred to as ‘Rodians’) are the lowest, most despicable race in all of Star Wars. These slimy, annoying critters are best known for eating the shit and vomit of other species, most especially the Bothans.

Every Chodian secretly aspires to be a Bothan. Chodians are well known to be chronic liars. They lead boring, pointless lives and must make up bullshit stories to get attention.

A prime example of these inferior beings is an especially wrenched Chodian by the name of Eshoppa Atina. If you are ever around the Bria server, remind him to take a shower, or at least roll around in some salt.
If there’s anything lower than a dirty Bothan it’s a goddamn Chodian, especially that Eshoppa Atina thing.
by Xan'Tis Orwin March 09, 2004
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