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The act of dipping one's testicles into a bowl of fresh diarrhea, then performing the usual act of teabagging.

Variations include:

The Fruit and Nut: Add Raisins.

The Fererro Rocher: Allow ten minutes for a thin crust to form. Using this method, a multiple layering effect may be achieved.

The Aero Teabag: As with normal chocolate teabag, with the added pleasure of a straw being inserted into the bowl, allowing your friend(s) to blow into the diarrhea, creating a softer, lighter and more enjoyable experience. WARNING! Do not blow too hard, as this could result in spillage. Also don't run with scissors, and do not put your fingers in live plug sockets.

The Chocolate Marble Teabag Cake (The Chomtea): A Soho Special. You and your friends may enjoy ejaculating multiple times into the bowl of diarrhea then stirring, creating a marbling effect. Commence with dipping, as per usual.
Experience this Chocolate Teabag yourself.
by Chomtea February 15, 2007
When you wipe someone's ass with your nutsack.
Hey Charlie, your ass is rather in need of a chocolate tea bag!
by Steele Bro's March 05, 2008
When a scrotum that has fecal matter smeared on it is dipped into another's mouth.
Jennifer: I used to teabag Dominic all the time until he chocolate teabagged one night and I almost gagged!
by RacerXHG November 01, 2010
similar to teabagging someone, only before the tea bagging you shit and whipe your ass towards your balls so you can get the "chocolate" with the tea bag
Ryan passed out, so i chocolate tea bagged him...he loves chocolate teabags
by ggrrrrrraassshopppperrrrrrr January 12, 2009
(noun) The act of placing ones testicles and scrotum into the anus of another. Often requires significant preparation by both parties. Some variations have the penis of the chocolate teabagger enter the vagina of the one being chocolate teabagged, however this is not necessary.
Rodney have gave his girl a chocolate teabag last week. Neither could walk for 3 days!
by Tony8758 October 12, 2005
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