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A meal consisting of a scoop of ice cream placed on the butthole of a sexual partner. Whipped cream may be used if ice cream is not available.
Damn...handel's aint got shit on the chocolate sundae i had with sam last night.

Dude friendlys should add the chocolate sundae to their menu.
by sop4life April 02, 2009
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When a white man cums in a black gurls vagina, then smears it all up, making a chocolate sundae....add the white mans dick 4 a bannana, use his balls for nuts!
I took this black bitch out for dinner. I got horny so we left b4 dessert. We got home and went to the bedroom to fuck. She keep BITCHIN that she wanted sum ice cream......i made her a chocolate sundae
by badass67 June 14, 2009
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when you fill your girlfriends ass with whip cream after she has eaten a large amount of nuts and in turn slurp it out with a straw
I gave my girlfriend a chocolate sundae last night.
by nick and tom March 21, 2006
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when you take a shit on your girlfriends chest and then jerkoff on top and add a cherry
my girlfriend wanted a chocolate sundae from dairy queen, so i delivered right between her tits, then she sucked me off
by rowdy roddy piper April 26, 2008
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Taking your girlfriend up the arse while your mum and dad are at church
Tyron - "Whassup Bro?"

Winston - "I'm at home innit, the folks are out drinking tea with the coffin dodgers at church so I persuaded me bitch to try one of my Chocolate Sundaes".

Tyron - "Really Winston, by the end of it did she have a face full of cream?"

Winson "Yeah and extra salty chocolate"
by 1970sfunk September 03, 2012
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