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A catchy youtube song sang by Tay Zonday. Hated by some, loved by some.
Chocolate Rain! Using you to fall back down again
by Anonymous :o July 30, 2007
74 53
"Chocolate Rain" is a euphemism for racism created by Tay Zonday in his hit YouTube song "Chocolate Rain".
Chocolate Rain
The school books say it can't be here again
Chocolate Rain
The prisons make you wonder where it went

(Replace racism with chocolate rain and it begins to make sense)
by Howard E August 08, 2007
2624 1452
The result of eating a cheeseburger and then downing 7lbs of laxitive
Tay Zonday ate 7lbs of laxitive and is making chocolate rain.
by BRYANJUSMC March 07, 2009
890 266
Song by some guy named Tay Zonday. Completely took over the featured video listing on YouTube.

(Some rights reserved under Creative Commons's Liscense)
In Chocolate Rain, he moves away from the mic to breathe in. Seriously.
by Dave8998 July 26, 2007
694 363
History quickly crashing through your veins.
CHOCOLATE RAIN **I move away from the microphone to breathe
by Urban Dictionary August 01, 2007
273 133
It's like the Golden Shower's close brother. Instead of peeing on your partner, you explode diarrhea all over their face, chest, and back.
I was having a great time with the guy at the bar last night, and I went back to his place only to find out he likes Chocolate Rain. The things I've seen cannot be unseen.
by NihilOnFire January 24, 2011
88 46
An internet meme made popular by our beloved friends over at 4chan.
Originally a song sung by Tay Zonday, those over at 4chan have now created a remix to the song which was made to include several other memes within it.

I love Chocolate Rain.
History quickly crashing through your veins,
Using you to fall back down again,
by Anonymous never forgives July 27, 2007
485 457