When you change from anal intercourse to oral sex right at the moment of climax.
We were having sex the other night when I decided to give her a chocolate milkshake.
by D J R August 01, 2006
During the act of anal sex, the recipient of the anal sex forces feces down the urethra of the giver which then gets mixed before getting ejaculated into the recipient's mouth.
Just gave my slut a chocolate milkshake.
by The Milk Man 69 January 08, 2012
when a girl gives you a blow job you shit in your hand cum on her face and rub the shit on as well untill u produce a chocolate milk shake
steve: "she was giving me a blow job and shit so i pooed in my had and rubbed it in to her cum riddled face!!!!"
dave: "CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE, sweet dude, did she like it?"
steve: "fuck no, but thats the last time she forgets to record 24."
dave: "shit yer!!!!"
by james flinder February 10, 2005
adj. the complexion of a hot young african-american girl.

n. a woman's body and also the way she uses it to flirt with and seduce men.
Man 1: dude I can't wait to blow a load on dat chocolate bitch!


Man 2: check dat ho out! her milkshake is better den yours sara!
by Creamer April 10, 2005
When a random girl is giving you a blow job pull out your dick right before you cum, spill chocolate powder in her face and proceed to ejaculate. After performing this move the girl is gonna be stunned for a couple of minutes, so you can easily escape the scene. This is used when you realize that the girl blowing you either has a dick, or is ugly as fuck.
guy1: dude are u ok? I saw you running out of the hotel last night.

guy2: Yeah, I realized that the girl blowing me had a fuckin' Penis! But everything is fine, I performed a Chocolate Milkshake and escaped with mi ass untouched.
by Penis-Vagina-Tits May 03, 2010
When a guy cums in a cup with syrup and makes his whore drink it.
Whore: My man made me a great chocolate milkshake last night.

Little Brother: Tell him to make me one.
by Uncle Jordan October 05, 2008
When a guy is fucking a girl in the ass, cums in her then proceeds to drink the cum from her ass
Guy1: Dude i heard you drank your cum out that girl's ass

Guy2: Yeah that was one sweeeeet chocolate milkshake

Guy1: You disgust me...
by BlackmenRULE May 15, 2010
A hot guy (or girl) that is half black and half white. Having a chocolatey milky skin color.
1: Remember that hot half black, half white guy from last night?
2: Yeah...you banged that chocolate milkshake??
1: You know this!
by allison.wonderland July 08, 2009

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