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When a girl who's got diarrhoea gets shit in her vaginal orifice and squirts. The resulting mixture shit and squirt creates a "CHOKOLATE FUNTAIN"
"What did you shower your peanuts in?" "A chocolate fountain."

"Do you have shit in your eye?" "Yeah, my girlfriend gave me a chocolate fountain."
by Mr. T. Shingles November 19, 2013
What happens after you un plug a butt plug after you have diarrhea and poop starts spewing everywhere
I un plugged a butt plug yesterday and got a Chocolate Fountain
Stacy loves to dip strawberries in my chocolate fountain
by n-bomb November 23, 2014
He act of sticking a mans penis partially inside a woman's asshole while she has explosive diarrhea all over the mans dick. Causing a fountain like affect as the liquid shit drips down his dick.
"Man, I really wish I could of given her the chocolate fountain, but Joe did it first."
by Pubesonfire420 November 28, 2015
oral sex with chocolate in the mouth or genitalia. Giving a sexual sensation and good taste at the same time.
Betty Sue gave her boyfriend Roscoe a chocolate fountain, which ended up covering chocolate all over her face and his lower body.
by TheOralMaster August 08, 2011
To stand upon your head and shit all over your self to gain sexual pleasure.
I love to chocolate fountain, It is best with explosive diarrhea.
by Puppetmaster24 November 23, 2010
When having anal sex with another man, you position him so his anus is facing the ceiling. After you climax, pull out quickly, causing feces to rush out towards the ceiling creating the chocolate fountain. Bonus points for receiving a facial from the fountain.
Damn, after that chocolate fountain im gonna need a shower
by FatAndSassy December 18, 2005
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