The act of placing one's testicles inside a woman's anus while masturbating onto her vagina. The woman will then lick any fecal matter clean from the man's scrotum. Though this is much thought to have been originated by the Chinese, there is now clear evidence that Brazilians have been performing this activity since 1300 A.D.
William further expanded his sexual horizons by performing a chocolate dumpling on Lindsey.
by taint_pleasures August 23, 2009
Top Definition
The last shit crap droplet that just doesnt quite make it all the way down the drain, and ends up coming back up after the flushing stops. Is usually rather small and often a companion to the Cottonelle Caper.
George W. Bush's dog then regurgimitated the Chocolate Dumpling he ate earlier from an electric port-o-potty.
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 19, 2011
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