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Any Weapon In Any Version Of Halo Which Is A Heavy Weapon Or Will Deliver A One Hit Knockout If Used Correctly. Upon Sighting A Weapon Of This Nature, The Player Announces (Or If Player Doesn't Want To Warn The Other Players, The Player Must At Least Think The Words. This Works Best With XBox Live, System Link, Or Internet Play Especially When Someone Else Is Around) "Why Hello Chocolate Cake." This Can Work Also For Power Ups And Vehicles But Definitely Works Best With Weapons.
"Dude, Dave Just Got Chocolate Cake! We Better Get The Hell Out Of His Way."
by pizzaazzip May 02, 2009
8 20
The act of taking a crap into a womans mouth and further jizzing on it creating a frosted chocolate cake.
Gill: Christina ate my whole chocolate cake last night!
Jared: My mom gave me a chocolate cake...
by ThePinkTaco and Cruncheezy June 22, 2006
28 40