Something women eat to get over the guys they loved but then the guy turned into an ass.
Women 1: Im so sorry! How are you ever going to get over him?

Women 2: Im going to eat chocolate like theirs no tomorrow.
A male that a teenage girl likes, the word chocolate used as a code to keep it a secret.
Did you talk to your chocolate today??
I like my chocolate with caramel and nuts!
by Liz Arnaud August 22, 2010
Chocolate covered psilocybin mushrooms, usually smaller than regular mushrooms
My boy got some chocolates and me and him were trippin for hours
by Aaron A-Money March 19, 2007
A substance that helps put all Dentist's children through college.
Damn, i'm losing more teeth by the day!!
by Wise Man November 05, 2003
it's delicious.
it tastes really good,
god knows it's bad for you, but I can't get enough of that chocolate
dark white or brown.
it tastes good in your mouth.
god knows it's bad for you,
but i can't get enough of that chocolate.
by michaelstripe March 30, 2008
1. n. Food product coloured dark brown due to the cacao.
2. adj. Unlikely
1. Chocolate is yummy for my tummy.
2. "That'll be chocolate."
by brendan July 11, 2004
i love the feeling
of it moving in my
mouth. drippy melting
gooey stuff, i just
can't get enough
if it's only just
a candy, that's only
not enough. the
endorphins it releases
are filled with peaceful
stuff. the shiny tinfoil
wrapping, and paper over
that, makes me think
of what i want even
more because it's wrapped.
the smell of burning heaven,
of melted yumminess, i like
my chcoclate so
much, i think i am
it's about chocolate, and chocolate is very sensual, as is the poem... just read it and try to imagine what was going through my mind at the time... you must know that i had been on an all chocolate diet at the time that i wrote that poem.
by eeebz February 08, 2005
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