Chocolate is a drug offered by Dallas area drug dealers we figured out that chocolate is a black dick. It was used in a combination of ecstacy and chocolate which implied a drug induced raping.

Credit = max southern alex bobby
"Yo nigga I don't got acid but I got some molly and some chocolate."

"Oh shit that sounds good man. Yeah..."
by mackdaddy420smoke July 08, 2009
women crack, a food object made from coco beans thats interests the female hormones, it can totally blow your mind..x_X
~did you bring the chocolate?
~yea man, i got the goods.
by gregoricious July 23, 2008
causes orgasms in your mouth when consumed while under the influence of marijuana.
one time i blazed and ate 26 chocolate hershey kisses:0
by alexaholic March 17, 2007
A fairly potent type of Marijuana, a personal choice herb of mine, that is dark and brown in color, sticky, and has a very delicious chocolate aroma.
May also be referred to as "choco" and "choc".
Hey man, you happen to have another dime of that chocolate? That stuff is some dank herb.
by Jayzeus March 15, 2005
A brown poo like colour, it usually comes in blocks and different flavours
"Would you like some chocolate?"

"Yes please, I'll go to the bathroom now!"
by Takeabow April 02, 2015
Slang term used by gay men to describe African-American men. Often used as code around unsuspecting straight folks. Variations include milk chocolate describing light complected or racially mixed individuals and dark chocolate for darker complected black men.
If you're into chocolate, that club is the place for you!
by rici45 March 17, 2010
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