The meaning of life.
I eat lots of chocolate every day.
by HelloItsMello February 07, 2013
A fairly potent type of Marijuana, a personal choice herb of mine, that is dark and brown in color, sticky, and has a very delicious chocolate aroma.
May also be referred to as "choco" and "choc".
Hey man, you happen to have another dime of that chocolate? That stuff is some dank herb.
by Jayzeus March 15, 2005
A brown poo like colour, it usually comes in blocks and different flavours
"Would you like some chocolate?"

"Yes please, I'll go to the bathroom now!"
by Takeabow April 02, 2015
Slang term used by gay men to describe African-American men. Often used as code around unsuspecting straight folks. Variations include milk chocolate describing light complected or racially mixed individuals and dark chocolate for darker complected black men.
If you're into chocolate, that club is the place for you!
by rici45 March 17, 2010
Code word for cannabis. Most likely to be used in reference of the state of being "brown n' crumbly".
"So, yesterday, I picked up more.. chocolate. Let's get brown and fuckin crumbly."
by le thtoner January 23, 2007
Made from the same plant (tThe Cocoa, Bean= Chocolate, Leaf= Cocaine) as Cocaine, Chocolate is addictive as it contains one of the same chemicals as Cocaine but this chemical is only effective to females.
Don't be stupid and think cocaine is not addictive to males cause theres other shite in it.
White chocolate does not apply!
Girl: This chocolate is as good as Smack.
Other Girl: Made of the same stuff!
by Doctor Who Companion July 11, 2007

1.A chick's best candy.
2.Your tongue's way of having sex.
3.A drug of the world because its very addictive.
4.A sweet piece of candy in the world that shuts little brats up who continuously scream about how they didn't get this, they didn't get that. Mommy...
For a delicious surprise, learn to whipe your ass after you use the bathroom. The result is chocolate.
by Domino July 31, 2004
IF A black girl is Hot. IF and ONly if, she is sexy, fine, attrctive, beautiful can she be called chocolate. this is true. dark skin is sexy chocolate chick
chris:hey look at that dark girl. she looks as good as chocolate. not too black
by maria17 May 07, 2009

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