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an Attractive dark skin woman
I saw a fine chocolate bar walking down the street.
by toddjakes December 24, 2007
The act of engaging in anal intercourse and the women defacates on the man's penis. Then, she sucks the feces of the man's penis as if it was a choclate bar.
Man: Hey, babe you want a chocolate bar.
Woman: As long as it is king size.
by g snott's peak March 20, 2009
When you give a girl/guy anal then get them to suck your dick.
Hey, can I give you anal then make you eat my chocolate bar.
by Grizzlies 16 April 29, 2006
Chocolate Bar is slang for a mans Wing Dang Doodle, the type of chocolate bar indicates race or qualities of the individual. For further refrence, search 'Wing Dang Doodle'.
"Damn Leilani, you almost broke Adam's Hershey's Cookies ā€˜nā€™ Creme Chocolate Bar last night."
by zUzaque November 07, 2006
a place where black folk go to get fucked up; a bar strictly for black people
" Yo,Heath, go on and getcha' cuzin Hershey n' Grannma Kit Kat; We goin to the chocolate bar."
by fantasticfourplay September 13, 2012
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