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the act of shitting into your partners mouth, then jizzing into there mouth and swirling it around with your penis using his/ her mouth as a bowl...resembling the chocolate vanilla twist ice cream
what'd you guys do last night? not much, i gave her a nice chocolate vanilla twist.
by paddywac216 May 11, 2010
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When a man takes a dump on a woman's stomach then masterbates and ejaculates on the pile of fecal matter.
Suzy liked it stinky so Troy gave her the Chocolate Vanilla Twist.
by fo-rizzle October 12, 2013
Fucking someone in the ass, jizzing in them, then pulling out and sucking out all the liquids.
Cooper: I just gave Mom a chocolate vanilla twist
Josh: You did what?
Cooper: I came in her ass and licked it all up
Josh: No way! I did that last night! *high five*
by ashton fuller July 26, 2010

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