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A common nickname for the Peticodiac River in New Brunswick, Canada. It is so called because it is a tidal river and the strong tidal action causes mud to get dredged up which gives the river a brown hue.

The City of Dieppe has recently used the name on an official building, the Chocolate River Conservatory.
"The tidal bore seems a bit stronger since they opened the causeway gates, but I don't think the old Chocolate River will ever fully recover."
by The Great Excelcior October 10, 2011
The chocolate river involves a girl eating a mass amount of taco bell, and then having vaginal sex from behind. During which she suprises him by unloading all of her diarrea onto the mans stomach, hips, and of course his genitals, making a sort of river from her anus.
"After giving my girlfriend the dirty sanchez she got her revenge with a chocolate river!"
by Willy's Wonka August 15, 2009
1: Willy Wonka's magical river made of pure, home grown chocolate, running right through the heart of the Wonka Factory.

2: Your Rectum
1: (Augustus) "HMMMMM CHOCOLATE!!!!"

2: "Mate, i had a curry the other night, turned my asshole into a chocolate river!"
by Kris Ryan August 05, 2008
Whenever anal occurs & the one recieving has to take a shit, and as soon as penis is removed a mixture of semen & shit flow at a rapid rate out of their ass
After I pulled out I saw the chocolate river
by AbcQ123 February 12, 2015
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