It's like the Golden Shower's close brother. Instead of peeing on your partner, you explode diarrhea all over their face, chest, and back.
I was having a great time with the guy at the bar last night, and I went back to his place only to find out he likes Chocolate Rain. The things I've seen cannot be unseen.
by NihilOnFire January 24, 2011
The Act of an Aircraft, such as a Passenger Jet, with a Sewage Storage System releasing Refuse on a Walking Person (below) during flight, normally drenching them in the Rancid Contents.
I just saw Tommy drown in a bunch of Shit!


A Boeing made some Chocolate Rain!
by SyxNyneSyx January 08, 2011
An internet meme, sung by Tay Zonday with no meaning that induced an explosion of racism and skepticism upon the internet. Among other things.
-'Chocolate Rain, raise your neighborhood insurance rates'

-'Chocolate Rain, no one wants to here about it now.'
by Stoned Walrus May 16, 2010
When a Africa American man ejaculates on someone's face.
Bo Jackson gave that dude the Chocolate Rain
by Shookinstein August 12, 2015
the act of taking a laxative then squatting over another person's face while they are sleeping, and releasing explosive diarrhea
My brother was not thrilled this morning when I woke him up with some chocolate rain
by erre1234 August 28, 2012
Song by Tay Zonday. Often thought to be about slavery, even though Zonday himself has admitted it has no meaning.
Oh well, people believe what they want.
Chocolate Rain,
People think its about racism again,
Chocolate Rain,
Its just a song with no meaning, you tools.
by Ka_Otoko July 10, 2008
A mix of diarrhea and black sex. Maybe both at the same time.
Guy #1: Dude i made some chocolate rain last night!

Guy #2: Yeah!!!! Eww...
by chicasaywhat!? August 31, 2011

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