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This is when you first perform anal sex on a girl, then take her virginity, thus covering the cherry with chocolate.
In an effort to gain the full porn star experience, Dakota asked Craig to give it to her in the ass before popping her cherry, thus was born the chocolate covered cherry.
by Reed and Matt January 12, 2004
When you suck out a menstrual blood clot directly out of a vagina, then use your tongue to shove it back up her butthole to then suck it back out. Poo covered blood clot delicious as a chocolate covered cherry.
Last week I was having sex with a girl on her period so I asked if I could have a "Chocolate Covered Cherry" and I sucked out a blood clot, stuck it back up her ass with my tongue and then sucked it back out and ate it.
by Hankballs December 09, 2010
when your fucking your girlfriend while shes on her back, causing your balls to smack against her ass turning them red, you then allow her to relieve herself upon your balls and make her lick it off, giving the effect of chocolate covered cherries
baby you want some chocolate covered cherries, eat these
by gingerbeast December 26, 2009
Word for a girl's asshole virginity. A girl loses her chocolate covered cherry by having anal sex for the first time.
Guy 1: "Did you have anal sex with her?"
Guy 2: "Hell yea! I took her chocolate covered cherry!"
by The Tank 111 April 04, 2011
When your girlfriend is on the rag and on the toilet. You only have one bathroom and you have to drop a deuce really bad. You pop a squat on her lap and do your business anyway. What a blessing this life is!
Just try it! I promise it will be really fun. My girlfriend loves kinky stuff like that. It will make good fun on potty time. Chocolate covered cherry are delicious.
by this is ridiculous November 02, 2007
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