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Well basically it is a kosher food that many jews find as a delicacy. certain jews who are very jewish and pretty homosexual eat chocolate buns daily and dont eat anything else cus there so fucked up. they also like popping out of suitcases in israel because they think their funny. chocolate buns are basically shit in a bun eaten by retards
Bob: hey man why did you steal that kids chocolate bun
Bill: cus hes a jew
(they go into an exam)(10 minutes later)
Bob whispers:hey man why did you throw that chocolate bun at that jewbear?
Bill:to see if he wud eat it in the exam and risk getting kicked out.
Bob: hahahah he threw his exam on the floor and ate the whole thing
Bill:i know im so smart
by What is a pseudonym? April 01, 2009
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