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A person who vigorously avoids going to the bathroom when they're severely constipated. This person may go on for weeks without relieving themselves. Consequently, they pass gas through the duration of the day; mostly detected in tight office spaces, sickening co-workers.
Ben: I keep smelling this horrid odor. What is it?

Jeremy: I'm not sure. It's ungodly, though.

Ben: Look at Rutland. He keeps squirming in his seat. He's been doing it for hours.

Jeremy: Oh, that's right! He's a Chocolate Biscuit Baker, you didn't know? He stays constipated.

Ben: That's weird. Why not just go?

Jeremy: He's scared he'll blow his anus out like a blowout on a car tire.
by Mr. Rippenshtein February 05, 2011
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