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This is a type of sexual innuendo joke such as the dirty sanchez or the blumpkin. This one requires the work of two ppl, usually a female and then a male. The female has to eat some beans, mexican food, or anything that will give her diarrhea. Then you must find a nice diner with a full glass window where people are seated to eat. The girl then drops her pants and pushes her butt against the glass and sprays diarrhea all over the glass. The male follows up by writing disgusting messages in the poo with his pecker for the diners inside, thus you've created a choc board.
Person 1: "So what did you do to those assholes that entered that diner?"
Person 2: "O, well I told them what was up on the choc board".
by BmorePooMasta March 22, 2009
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