Korean Virginia Tech student responsible for killing 33 fellow students (including himself) on April 16th. Sent videos and pictures of himself ranting about society to NBC. Currently burning in hell with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.
Cho Seung-Hui went on the worst school shooting the US has ever seen.
by fffffff April 19, 2007
The person that killed 32 students at the Virgina Tech College
Cho Seung-Hui must be in shame for killing all those students
by The User Behind the Computer April 18, 2007
23 year old Korean at Virginia Tech who took the lives of 32 students as well as himself on 4/16/07. Known as the "Question Mark Killer." He stalked girls at VT.
"Who's that Korean bastard who killed those poor students at VT?"
"Fucking Cho Seung-Hui."
"Oh yah, hope its not to hott in hell."
"Yah because he can't handle his shit."
by Slut of '07 April 20, 2007
piece of shit that killed 32 innocent people at Viginia Tech. Due to crappy parenting, he decided that killing 32 people then himself might get him some attention. He will surely rot in the deepest, darkest corner of hell for all eternity
Cho Seung-Hui is a piece of shit.
by yarrrghh May 14, 2007
(cho-sung-wee) n. 1. A dingleberry. Specifically one especially difficult to extract from the normal population of matter contributing to swamp ass. Over time may become deadly and highly likely televised under profit motive by corporately owned nappy headed media hos. 2. A distraction. 3. A sexy asian guy. 4. An attractive male member; 5. A glory hole worker. translated from Chinese meaning micropenis
My underwear had to be thrown away after a severe case of Cho Seung Hui.
by J. Cheek April 19, 2007
He was a psychotic asian kid, 23 years old, from Asia, who killed 32 INNOCENT people in april of 2007. He was psychologically inbalanced and a pure pyscho. He will rot in the hottest and darkest place in HELL. This was the worse school shooting in American History..SIck Bastard
Yo wanna go piss on Cho Seung Hui's grave that fucking bastard!?
by Erockizzle April 19, 2007

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