A Chloe tends to usually be a beautiful petite girl who is shy and often misunderstood. She would be a perfect friend, best friend or even a girlfriend. People often put down Chloes and it does crush her confidence but she always tries her best to keep a smile on her face.
That girl is a Chloe
by Paigey534 April 25, 2013
Smart, Talanted, amazing girl who is shy around her boy friend and won't do much anything around him. She loves to smile, laugh and be funny. She love to think dirty sometimes and you will love her instantly. Every guy will love her and want to be with her and when he does he won't believe that he's actually dating her. Her friends lover her. The kids at school like her.
Woah! There's chloe.
by Wolverinecuddlesalot January 29, 2015
Chloe's are a spawn of satan. They are usually short, always changing their hair to their pleasing, man like voice. They are really protective of the stuff they are passionate about. You cannot like the same thing as they do or they will freak and want to murder you and you will confused and oddly hurt by them. They will pretend to be nice to you, but will consistently rude and put you down at any chance they get. Chloe's are very conscious of what the opposite sex thinks of them and will do anything to impress them, even if that mean they have to disgrace themselves or even "act tough" in front of them. Chloe's have a delusional idea that not caring about anything and constantly bitching about everyone and anyone to impress other or show how interesting they are. Oh lets not forget that if they have an opinion, youre going to hear about it, and if you disagree and decide to voice your opinion, gurl you are gone. Please if you want your sanity please do not befriend a Chloe.
" who is satan mummy?"

"Chloe is my sweet"
by GeminiGal96 April 15, 2015
A girl who is innocent but always has her tits out
"Dude do you know who chloe sparrow is?" "Yeah she's sent me nudes"
by Chloe sparrow December 28, 2014
chloe is a cool chicka she sexy chloe actually eman carrot in japan language she a carrot dam she let me eat dat carrot OH NO i am cannable
eat s a chloe insted carrot by oaccideny
by i am je suis April 12, 2014
Chloe is the name for a girl in which she Is a lieing, cheating, playing bitch. She will use you in any way possible to get what she wants "preferably sex, considering theyre whores" whether it be pretending to love you, getting back with her ex multiple times and running back saying it's a mistake after shes fucked him, or all of the above plus some. Do not trust most chloes because they are very well minded manipulators that will rip your heart out, shit on it, put it back in, and will continue to repeat it untill you realize shes a cunt. *Beeb: bitch, envied, ex, bye.*
Dude you two look so happy how are you guys?

We broke up so she could fuck her ex and come back saying she was inlove with me only to leave again after a week.

Oh.. wtf man shes such a Chloe!
by It's_The_Truth September 23, 2014
Fucking bitch. Thinks she knows everything. Really Small backstabbing lieing cunt.
That girl there must be a Chloe, she's small and a fucking annoying bitch!
by laollalnya21 November 22, 2014
BIG BOOTY HOE!!!!! loves to get her knockers out for the whole sports class! Horny 24/7 and will take the D anywhere and size!
ow shes a chloe
by k dennnn December 02, 2013

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