A Chloe tends to usually be a beautiful petite girl who is shy and often misunderstood. She would be a perfect friend, best friend or even a girlfriend. People often put down Chloes and it does crush her confidence but she always tries her best to keep a smile on her face.
That girl is a Chloe
by Paigey534 April 25, 2013
1) A girl's name. Not very common but still used.

2) A slang term to refer to cocaine. The term "Chloe" comes from the fact that cocaine also starts with an "C" and many other drugs use girls' names as slang for their respective drug.

Chloe is sometimes used as a code word for cocaine when referring to the drug in a public setting or over the phone where one does not want to openly discuss illegal activities.

Chloe is used like a person's name in such discussions. Like saying "When Chloe is around I am always happy" to indicate that when cocaine is readily available this person is always in a "happy" or euphoric state.
Chloe just makes me wanna talk and fuck all night!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
Someone who is very outgoing, likes a change, perhaps hair colour, or shoes, a Chloe is someone who is sensitive, bitchy but is always looking out for friends, she stands for what she believes in and if she says she's going to do something, she'll do it. Her true emotions are not seen by many people but if you're lucky enough to understand her and have her trust you will be in her good books. Do not get on her bad side.
Boy #1: uh-oh, here comes the bitch, part so she can walk through.

Boy #2: yeah its Chloe
by firrrrrrebitch May 06, 2012
a beautiful, enthusiastic, and talented girl. Though she may be small, she's mighty! She'll stick up for anyone or anything she believes in, and holds all living things close to her heart. She touches everyone she meets in a very dear and personal way, owning a special place in your heart from then on. She's always trying new things, and is always succeeding in them. She's a very flexible, caring, hot, smart, funny, and crazy girl you'll never forget. She's very athletic and has a wild drive in her that gets her pumped up. She's very artistic, and very creative. All the boys like her and want to be around her, and all the girls want to be friends with her. Chloe is original, and extremely unique.
Man, she's a Chloe!
Damn girl, you gonna act like a Chloe!?
by Girlwhoknowseverything September 26, 2015
A beautiful girl who will always make you smile you should be lucky to ever date or meet she is so happy and kind and you would do anything to make her stay she has a great body is sooooo cute and smart she can make you feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Seeing her smile can make her whole day
guys dont take this down i just did it for my gf i love u chloe
by luke.adamson May 14, 2015
She's good at sports, smart, nice, and gorgeous. She's very brave, and never gives up anything! She would take others, before herself. Later on in life she will do great things!
"Hey, I need help on a math problem, Chloe."
I can help you!" Chloe says happily.
by LOLz March 13, 2013
A super awesome girl with a great sense of humor! She's sometimes perverted but it's OK. everyone loves her, you can't stay mad at her, you can't get over her! All the guys love her! She has a very nice ass and not flat chested at all. If you get in a fight with her. You got the whole state fucking with you. She's hot funny, Sexy and beautiful! No one can resist her.
DAMN look at that ASS! She's definitely a Chloe!
by DefectiveNeutral June 04, 2014
An Australian girl who love to date dead people for example Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. She has a big heart which match her eyes. Loves to dye her hair frequently, very short in height, but she makes up for it with passion.

Really really nice and sweet, which could easily target her into being taken advantage of. But this rarely happens. No gurrrrl! she is very Puuurrrty ;)

Loves animals, and her family. Usually religious, but is not up in yo grill 'bout it. Or sumthin'
Naomi: OH YOU! Such a Chloe!

Teacher: What are you looking for?
Naomi: A Chloe
Teacher: What kind of Chloe?
Naomi: One that Chloe's me?
by SkwigelfWartooth May 16, 2011
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