A Chloe tends to usually be a beautiful petite girl who is shy and often misunderstood. She would be a perfect friend, best friend or even a girlfriend. People often put down Chloes and it does crush her confidence but she always tries her best to keep a smile on her face.
That girl is a Chloe
by Paigey534 April 25, 2013
Chloe is a girl with many personalities. She needs alot of attention, and tries to get it as much as she can. She flirts with every guy she can get. She is a very desperate girl not only for boys but friends aswell. Alot of people hate her and the rest thinks she's annoying. She is very ugly. She has a messed up body shape with saggy boobs. She has 2 diffrent personalaties, one online and other in person. Shy offline & on she is very hyper and outgoing. Always looking innocent and pretending nothing happend in reality. She's a big backstabber, never trust those girls.
chloe: I didn't do anything...
girl#1: flirting with my ex and backstabbing me is nothing? Yeah alright.
by Thegirlsyouwannabe June 27, 2011
A force to be reckoned with, often a power-mad superbitch. May be known to associate with girls named Emily.
Oh my goodness, my boss is such a Chloe.
by cee_36 July 12, 2009
a person who loves: penguins, pandas, green, purple, beaches, baked potatoes, likes the song 1 2 3 4, and jon
dude she's a chloe
by ben923 February 16, 2009
A disgusting girl who steals peoples boyfriends
"that girl chloe stole the boy i like :'("
by CKCKCKCK12345 October 24, 2011
A short girl with blone hair that is always trying to be the best at everything which is kinda annoying, but u cant seem to live with out her. However she is very moody.
She's also the kind of person that you'll have a crush on, but wen u finally go out wit her, she'll break your heart and kick you when your down.
Bryan: Hey chloe, i cant hang out rite now gotta a project to do.
Chloe: It:s due tomorrow, you should've done wat i did and started when you got the papers. It's things like this that will get you nowhere in life unlike me.
Bryan: Watever
Chloe: Hey.. do you want to go to the mall Saturday on a date
Bryan's heart soars, his dreams were coming true.
Bryan: Sure i'll pick you up at 6:00

2 Weeks later
Mandi: Bryan, chloe wants to break up wit you
Bryan's heart breaks into 1,000,000 peices, but he pulls on a straight face

3 Weeks Later
During band Bryan get a text from Chloe who is sitting 2 rows behind him.The text says these following words

I Hate You
by BrokenHearted7310 January 07, 2010
A woman that queefs alot
by misam April 29, 2010
A cute, sensible, funny girl. Sometimes though she'll act/look like a whore. She can be a bit of a tease. Because of this she leads a double life.
Guy 1: Hey my girlfriend is such a Chloe...
Guy 2: That sucks man, she'll lead you on for a long time. Better break it off now.
by rockyahh September 17, 2010

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