A female who is a regular reader of theChive.com, is familiar with the DAR, DMA and the other awesomeness that is theChive.com. Known for being laid back, able to keep calm, have a good time and enjoy the more awesome things in life mixed with randomness and the occasional motivational poster. Is comfortable with her sexuality and usually willing to share photographs of herself for hump day, the DAR, DMA, or just for the simple sake of sharing stress-relieving and sexy imagery with the other Chivers.
Generally recognized as being part of a larger whole that is the Chiver community, will welcome other Chivers into their life for at least the length of a photo or a beer.

Always responds to a call of "Chive on!"
I thought that girl was amazing when I first met her, right up until I found out she was a Chivette. Now I know she's perfect.
by SquishyFlint December 05, 2011
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A Chivette is a female who recognizes the awesomeness that is the Chive.

She... frequents thechive.com.

occasionally submits pictures of herself looking sexy

knows and loves DAR.

takes joy in witnessing the epic fails of others.

is the perfect woman.
That chivette is dead sexy, The Chive needs to find her!
by MeMilan37 May 08, 2011
A Chivette is a female that is such an attention whore she will pose nearly nude in several suggestive ways and post the pictures on theChive.com so people will argue over how sexy she is in the comment sections such as that of the DAR.

She will typically have a low level job, make stupid duckfaces, and have several trendy tattoos. Also, her bedroom, where she takes her pictures, will be a mess.
Craig: "Did you see #35 on today's DAR?"

Phil: "Sure did! That Chivette looked like Sasha Grey with that ass except she doesn't get paid like a pornstar!"

Craig: "Chive on!"
by tsukasu July 24, 2014

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