Can be used in place of "shit"; usually is pronounced this way by someone who is old, and of The Angry Geriatric Kind--the Geriatric Kind that, perhaps, has regained mobility thanks to The Scooter Store.
"Chit, give me Dr. Pepper, bitch."

"Chit, chut-up, bitch."
by PowerOfAttorney January 05, 2013
1) A small note on a piece of paper indicating a debt owned, an I.O.U. From Hindi chitthi. 2) Spanish (esp. Mexican) parroting of "shit".
I've got twenty dollars of chits for the work I did last week.
by LudwigVan November 14, 2003
a word used in place of the word "shit".
Ex: Matt is such a dumb chit.
Man, Kunz is such a lazy piece of chit
by Ders56 September 24, 2008
A word representing "Shit" in a more profound way than even saying "Holy shit!"
" Bro look at my new phone.."
by Chipetet September 09, 2009
noun; used to discretely say the word "shit" in a public setting. i.e. school, dinner table, grandparent's house or nursery

prounounced (ch-eh)
"Beat some chit."
"That's some sweet chit."
"Dumb chit."
by peisovchit May 16, 2008
cock hound in training
the chit is too young to be a cock hound but is being trained by them.
by jr5070 July 14, 2008
Irish ace for 'shit'
by LiD February 17, 2004
A way to use the word shit with the same meaning
"Oh Chit!!""Here come da boys"
"Man I gotta Chit"
"Oh fuck that nigga got the chit beat outta him"
by Dre Lamar April 09, 2008

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