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Can be used in place of "shit"; usually is pronounced this way by someone who is old, and of The Angry Geriatric Kind--the Geriatric Kind that, perhaps, has regained mobility thanks to The Scooter Store.
"Chit, give me Dr. Pepper, bitch."

"Chit, chut-up, bitch."
by PowerOfAttorney January 05, 2013
29 17
a word used in place of the word "shit".
Ex: Matt is such a dumb chit.
Man, Kunz is such a lazy piece of chit
by Ders56 September 24, 2008
95 115
A word representing "Shit" in a more profound way than even saying "Holy shit!"
" Bro look at my new phone.."
by Chipetet September 09, 2009
29 52
noun; used to discretely say the word "shit" in a public setting. i.e. school, dinner table, grandparent's house or nursery

prounounced (ch-eh)
"Beat some chit."
"That's some sweet chit."
"Dumb chit."
by peisovchit May 16, 2008
32 57
cock hound in training
the chit is too young to be a cock hound but is being trained by them.
by jr5070 July 14, 2008
12 38
A way to use the word shit with the same meaning
"Oh Chit!!""Here come da boys"
"Man I gotta Chit"
"Oh fuck that nigga got the chit beat outta him"
by Dre Lamar April 09, 2008
12 39
A term used in the military for money during the vietnam war. The vietnamese prostitutes would ask for chit in exchange for their services.
"No chit, no boom boom"
by Mike Miller October 25, 2004
38 65
Irish ace for 'shit'
by LiD February 17, 2004
11 38