Referring to the residual of chips; it is a word to describe the condition of the area around you after you eat chips. - -e.g. little pieces of chips, salt, seasoning etc.
"Babe! I told you not to eat chips on my bed- Now my bed is all CHIPSY! :( "
by emily&david March 15, 2010
Top Definition
The state you are in when you can't stop eating potato chips.
I had some of those salt and vinegar potato chips while watching the Giants game, and I got chipsy. I couldn't stop eating them and I finished the bag.
by greecesmostwantd December 02, 2009
When you are tipsy and start to eat chips.
Tom was so chipsy the other night he started eating a bag of cheeseburger doritos.
by larl kindberg May 15, 2011
A cross between a chav and a gypsy.
Wow, look at that dude over there, what a chipsy!
by BeccaBooBaa December 03, 2008
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