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Flaked, dry skin located between the shaft and the infamous butthole. Often associated with constant man-scaping of the general area. Although early roots come from the Canadian north. Where bad ass, Clint Eastwood looking muthafuckas known as Lumber Jacks had to trim their over grown hedges on their chodas with the blunt force of a Viking weilding type of axe. Hence the severe skin flaking due to unsanitary, rusted blunt steal causing abrasion in the sensitive area.
I gotta start buying underwear whole-sale at Costco, the feeble fabric of my underwear can't deal with my razor sharp Chiponus I've been shedding.

I wonder if there are any titianium tempered fabrics that can withstand the brute distruction of my chronic Chiponus.
by ChernobylChild July 08, 2012

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